University of Toronto John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design
Department of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture IV: Scenic and Metric - Form of Ecology
Teaching Faculty: Fionn Byrne (coordinator), James Roche
This studio will seek to engage both the scenic and the metric in the design of a new mine expansion plan and rehabilitation strategy. In so doing ecology will be challenged as an absolute science, and will be repositioned as a social construct designed as much in theory as in the landscape. Experiments will be conducted through landform, where students will explore forms which expose the accepted duality between natural and anthropic design, ecology and economy, order and entropy, excess and waste, and a variety of other dualisms that will be accepted or rejected for alternative models.
2,3. Mohamed Al-Huneidi + Nick Gosselin 4,5. Tamar Pister + Jordan Lypkie 8. Jordan Duke 10. Jordan Lypkie 12,13. Nick Gosselin 14,15. Elise Hunchuck 17,18. Jordan Lypkie 19,20. Nick Gosselin + Dayne Roy-Caldwell 21,22. Gezhi Huang 23,24. Jasper Flores + Nate Wilner
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