Ecologies, Techniques, Technologies II
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Department of Landscape Architecture
Ecologies, Techniques, Technologies II
Lecture Course

Teaching Faculty: Fionn Byrne, Laura Solano

Topography - the land - is a basic medium and tool of landscape architecture. The core mission of this course is for students to understand the technical underpinnings and experiential qualities for shaping the land. Grading is both precise and conceptual. To understand technical precision and applications, topics such as land surveying, characteristics of contours, formation of spot elevations, universal grading terminology and formulas, cut and fill, drainage patterns and accessibility issues will be studied. 

Experiential qualities such enclosure, framing, prospect, concealment, scale, reinforcement, and comfort will be explored. Every exercise will provide opportunities to use technical mastery to achieve design goals. Problem-solving in grading will be combined with discussions about the physical experiences of topography. The goal of this approach is to help students to strengthen their technical facility with grading while expanding their visual resources for expressing their design thinking about the landscape.
1 & 2. Jiyun Jeong + Parawee Wachirabuntoon, 3. Meredith Chavez + Mariel Collard, 4. Qiaoqi Dai + Mengting Ge.