Elevated Plant
Jardins de Metis International Garden Festival 12th Edition
Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens, Grand-Métis, QC, Canada, December 2011

If we are to advocate for a greater consideration for the environment and for the protection of biodiversity, we must also educate the public into the functional opportunities provided by biological systems. Being able to recognize both the visual qualities and functional opportunities of any particular biological system will increase public support for their construction. In this approach ecology will not be treated separate from the city and its waste/energy flows, but will be incorporated into our daily lives. In this way, development is reconsidered not as synonymous with environmental degradation but instead, is understood to assist in improving environmental integrity.

You can have your cake and eat it too. Or rather in this case, your water and drink it too.

ELEVATED PLANT capitalizes on the scale of the garden to create an interactive and educational process driven design that highlights the physical and biological materials integral to the function of a typical wastewater treatment system. Each treatment stage is isolated and elevated to allow guests to observe both the above and below ground features. The otherwise hidden elements are highlighted for their aesthetic and functional properties.
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