Fantastic Realities: translations of thought through drawing
University of British Columbia
School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Graduate Elective
Seminar Course

Teaching Faculty: Fionn Byrne

This course is interested in examining architectural representation as both a means and an end of design thinking. Visual representation plays this dual role in the design process by ideating design alternatives on the one hand and communicating design intent on the other. Correspondingly, this seminar will focus on developing proficiency in technical drawing and physical modeling through completing of a series of six design exercises over the term. Each exercise will be two weeks long and will produce one primary deliverable. A high emphasis will be placed on experiments, abstractions, transformations, and translations in drawing between the individual exercises, which will seek to motivate critical dialogue and point to new, unanticipated, and at times impossible, formal and spatial outcomes. Informal pin-ups and class discussions will help to illustrate the ways in which thoughts generate drawings and, alternatively, the ways in which drawings generate thoughts. The class will also serve as an exercise in critiquing drawing and evaluating space and form.
1-2. Retaw.  3-4. Pera Hardy.  5. LukeHewitt.