Gorgon Stare
Jardins de Metis International Garden Festival 14th Edition
Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens, Grand-Métis, QC, Canada, December 2013

As out technologies of observation become increasingly sophisticated, pervasive and inexpensive it is imperative that there be critical discussion around the limits of our surveillance.  Our exposed acceptance of the unrestricted observation of nature allows for an expansion of panoptic technologies into our environs.  The Gorgon, a creature in Greek mythology, was said to turn those who observed her to stone; a physical manifestation from the act of observing.  Similarly, in modern physics the observer effect describes how phenomena are changed by the act of observing them.  How far will our observation of nature extend before the impacts of our observation are felt?  How pervasive will we allow our surveillance technologies to be before we experience real discomfort?  How long before someone re-focuses the gaze on us?
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