The Harirud Market
University of British Columbia
School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Architecture VI
Design Studio Thesis

Thesis:​​​​​​​ Farwa Sadiq-Zadah
Advisor: Fionn Byrne, AnnaLisa Meyboom​​​​​​​, with Michael Leckie

Afghanistan has been at war now for nearly four decades, leaving a devastating toll on the built environment, economy and social fabric of the state. For many countries that have experienced conflict, a recovering economy will lead to a better standard of living for its citizens. This begins with the reconstruction of the built environment and basic infrastructure, providing access to jobs, education, healthcare, security, and shared sense of place.

This thesis focuses on how existing and proposed rail lines can take on a restorative role in rural and urban contexts along the Harirud River, in the province of Herat, Afghanistan. In the past, trade routes connected people and cultures, providing a path of relative safety. Today, there is a lack of exchange within Afghanistan and from Afghanistan to international markets. The proposed rail lines and infrastructure within this project aim to connect both rural and urban people to greater economic opportunity through reliable access to transportation, electricity, and safety. This will in turn allow people to increase the value of their product exports, create jobs, and reconnect to international trade markets.
Farwa Sadiq-Zadah