Mapping The Ring of Fire
Northern Ontario, Canada

The Ring of Fire is set to be the largest resource infrastructural project in Canada second only to the oil sands of Alberta.  Situated in the James Bay Lowlands of Northern Ontario, this 5,000-square-kilometer crescent shape deposit of chromite, nickel, and other platinum group metals is thought to be worth as much as $50-billion and will require massive investment in infrastructure and housing to make the mining project operational.  The area’s economy and ecology will be drastically changed in the coming years.

This research project aims to study and document the existing bio-physical and socio-cultural milieu of the Ring of Fire, with an interest in the communities of the Matawa First Nations, isolated in Northern Ontario which will be affected by the future development.  The decisions made on how to develop the mining potential of the Ring of Fire will drastically affect these communities and the local, regional landscape.