University of Toronto, Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design
Department of Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture III
Core Studio

Teaching Faculty: Fionn Byrne, Roberto Damiani, Vivian Lee, Francesco Martire, Laura Miller (coordinator), Carol Moukheiber, Adrian Phiffer, Michael Piper, Mauricio Quiros Pacheco

One cannot become a successful, serious architect, landscape architect or urban designer today without also taking on the mantle of the urbanist. The T.O. superstudio introduces architecture, landscape and urban design students to the urban condition, engages them in the processes of urbanization that Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design share as disciplines, and introduces the conditions under which urban projects are pursued as professional activities.

The T.O. superstudio is an opportunity for architecture, landscape and urban design students to discover shared concerns, approaches and design solutions and to model the kinds of collaborative, creative and technical processes required to successfully address the complex demands (political, social, cultural, environmental, formal, infrastructural, etc.) of urban projects today, and into the future. Second year graduate students in architecture and landscape, and advanced, incoming urban design students work on the same set of assignments throughout the semester, allowing each discipline to bring its range of approaches to urban-scale exercises so they can be identified and speculated upon across the whole “super” studio.
Jasper Flores.