The City Soil Project
University of British Columbia
School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture VI
Design Studio Thesis

Thesis: Jaclyn Simon
Advisor: Fionn Byrne

Our soil is dying at an alarmingly fast rate.  While natural forms of soil degradation will occur, humans are accelerating these processes through activities such as agriculture, urbanization, industrial activity, and resource extraction. Urbanization is increasing globally, and is a threat in which landscape architects have the greatest ability to intervene. This project aims to identify biological strategies in landscape architecture that will contribute to the protection, rehabilitation, and rebuilding of degraded soils in an urban context, such as Vancouver. The application of these strategies to underutilized land in the city will serve to provide ecosystem services, increase greenspace, and improve the overall health of communities. Landscape architecture, as a profession, must work towards sustainable soil management practices to better preserve and build soil integrity. Our world will change for the better if we begin to respect our soils.
Jaclyn Simon.